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Sophie Herxheimer & Gigi Sudbury (Art Stable)

Sophie Herxheimer & Gigi Sudbury (Art Stable)

Pictured above: Sophie Herxheimer A Dream of Straightness, The Shiny Road 

Be sure to catch The Art Stable's latest show Go I Know not Whither which features the work of Sophie Herxheimer and Gigi Sudbury.

Preparing for the shared exhibition the artists exchanged images and words by text and email and each has been deeply inspired by the other.

In both cases these are exciting, bold works which stay in the mind. Sophie Herxheimer, who is also a poet, has drawn inspiration from the American poet Emily Dickinson and has made her series of collages in ‘ghost collboration’ with Dickinson. She pictures the reclusive female poet as having a vast inner landscape, mirroring her emotional range by using cut up duotone tourist photographs of the Alps. Herxheimer has then written poems into these imaginary worlds, placing words on oversized raindrops or in sampler-like sewn on patches from a girl scholar’s trousseau.

There is also a series of collages without text responding to Fairy Tale. There is Goose Girl in conversation with the decapitated horse she used to ride as a princess, in another a lone figure walks a mountain ridge while below a chalice glows with the golden elixir of life. Vital, mesmerising images, the collages celebrate the strangeness of the ordinary and the journey we are all on.

Gigi Sudbury’s paintings focus on the moment we allow a synthesis of intuition and experience to take hold. She paints mountain tops, rivers, sky scrapers, a father and angels, the moment between day and night. She cites Piero, Chagall and DuBuffet as influences who taught her that painted feelings are different. In this show Sudbury looks at the digital revolution and asks where and what will we become – half human, half computer, a being of a once fairy-tale future?

Below: Gigi Sudbury The Language of Mountains


The show runs until 5 August with a private view on 22 July. At 3pm on 22 July there is conversation and poetry with Sophie and Gigi . Contact the Art Stable to reserve a place 

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