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Sensory Spa Garden at Bedruthan

Sensory Spa Garden at Bedruthan

It turned out that we were the perfect guinea pigs to try out the Bedruthan Hotel’s brand new Sensory Spa Garden on a cold April Friday. The combination of a high octane Easter holidays, setting off an hour later than planned and dropping three children off at three separate places made for a frazzled trip down the A303 to North Cornwall.

Good news then that the recently opened Spa Garden has been designed for exactly this purpose – to help shattered parents relax and rejuvenate in an hour long session inspired by fire, earth, water, air and space.

The Garden is beautiful, built from cedar wood, overlooking the sea and emanating exquisite smells of eucalyptus and lavender. Suffice to say that the day’s stresses had evaporated before we’d even got undressed.

The Sensory Spa begins with a salt scrub and a warm outdoor shower before retiring to the sauna (eye level portholes provide a soothing backdrop of crashing waves). After fifteen minutes, timed on a giant egg timer, it was time for a trio of cold water buckets to the head. Just like the Ice Bucket Challenge only three times as bad.

There’s a whole hair shirt/birch twig thing going on here, which I love. You open your pores and begin to zone out in the sauna’s 80 degree heat, then you blast your senses, macho style, with icy water. I found it addictive.

The next stage, utterly blissful, is a long soak in a bubbling hot tub followed by an oil, seaweed and salt scrub. Finally, bundled back into your dressing gown and wrapped up in woollen blankets, you sit in front of a fire brazier, with a cup of herbal tea and your feet soaking in a warm copper footbath. Factor in the air’s sharp tang of salt and seaweed, the overhead screech of seagulls, the distant crashing of waves, and you’ll feel a million miles away from every day stresses whether it’s the nappy changing years or the habitual office grind.


The whole process takes only an hour and is immensely effective. We floated out of the Spa Garden, virtually unable to speak, more relaxed than we’d felt in literally years.

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