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What To Do on Nights in London?

What To Do on Nights in London?

Hailed as the greatest city on Earth by many of its residents, there is always plenty to do in London for food and drink lovers.

Here, we’ll show you some of the best places to visit if you fancy going out into the bustling city and some great reasons to stay in.

Book your tables early

Finding a restaurant in London at short notice is no easy feat. Without an early booked reservation you’ll be struggling to find a eatery with a table free.

If you’re looking for a top restaurant in a great location, a brilliant option can be Inamo Covent Garden, if you plan in advance.

Boasting some of the best Asian cuisine in the business, this quirky restaurant prides itself on its technology thanks to unique, interactive tables and dishes that put delicious twists on established classics.

A cosy night in?

You might have London at your disposal, but there’s nothing quite like a chilled evening in to relax after a hectic day in the city.

Kick back, put on your favourite film or TV series and enjoy some indulgent food and drink.

Can’t be bothered to cook? Head over to Deliveroo for quality restaurant food delivered straight to your door. Choose from a plethora of menus from your favourite restaurants and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Hit the trendy bars

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to trendy bars in London, especially if you visit areas like Shoreditch and Soho.

Themed, classy or just downright quirky, London is a real hub of top places to have a drink.

If you live in the Shoreditch area, a great spot is Flight Club. The club, that claims to be leading the social gaming revolution, is changing things to do in London as we know it. With a digital scoring system, state of the art oches and plenty of drinks to be had, if you are a darts lover or not – it’s always a fun place to spend an evening.

So there you have it, our recommendations if you fancy a night in the city or would rather opt for a chilled evening at home with good food and your favourite TV shows. 

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