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M Method: Boutique Fitness in Child Okeford

M Method: Boutique Fitness in Child Okeford

The West Country never fails to surprise with its tiny, unexpected pockets of brilliance and the M Method pilates studio in Child Okeford is a case in point.

Founded by Minna Hepburn this small, ferociously well equipped studio provides tailor-made classes aimed at fitness and physical rehabilitation.

The joy of M Method is Minna herself, a multi-tasking, rather awe-inspiring Bridal designer who decided to pursue a passion for wellbeing on the side and train as a pilates instructor. We’re very glad she did. In addition to her AAPI pilates training Minna has also qualified to teach Yogalign, (a pain free yoga method) and Foundation Training (inner core training  to elimate pain and build strength) and attended numerous workshops on everything from scoliosis and osteoporosis to pre and post natal exercise.  Long story short Minna has an encylopaedic knowledge of physiology and wellness and this is what makes her teaching so different and uniquely tailor made.


What you’ll find at M Method is a holistic approach that is entirely adapted to your needs. In my case an incurable back problem and a desire to get fitter; I’d tried all kinds of classes before I found Minna. Almost always the classes aggravated the back pain. Now at either a one to one or shared class I have found a method of working out which is also teaching me how to manage a degenerative condition.

Many come to M Method to boost fitness before a race – cycling, marathon, triathlon, Iron Man and so on. There are regular weekly Pilates sessions (never once the same routine so there’s no danger of getting bored) which combine exercise on the MOTR machines with floor work and 20 mins of HIIT.

And much of the equipment here is designed to rehabilitate people with sports injuries or other health problems – increasingly this has become an area Minna specialises in.

Minna says: “I strongly feel that combining movement, learning to breathe properly, nutrition, incorporating mindfulness, soft tissue and fascia work are the key to good health. I love helping people to go on a journey, getting rid of pain and learning how to use movement effectively.’

What’s groundbreaking is an approach that combines rehabilitation from injury with fitness and wellbeing. Having spent thousands of pounds on visits to an osteopath, it has come as a revelation to discover that I can achieve better results with guided exercise.

One last thing: crucially these sessions are also fun. You’ll definitely laugh and an hour flashes by.

As someone with a low boredom threshold and a history of binning exercise classes, I’d say you can’t put a price on that.

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