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Lusty Glaze: Cornish Hidden Gem

Lusty Glaze: Cornish Hidden Gem

The sun is shining and we’re sitting on a Cornish beach with decent surf and a restaurant selling perfect cappuccinos and the palest of rosés. Think we just found ourselves a hidden gem.

The thing about Lusty Glaze (around a mile from Newquay) is that to get there you have to descend a few flights of narrow, steep steps (and that’s all the way back up again at the end of the day). I guess it puts some people off because this very beautiful beach, also host to a surf school, a café and restaurant, feels a little like a well-kept secret.

There are beach huts for hire here too, the first row right down on the beach and in front of them a relaxed game of football is underway. These beach-hutters have the right idea, we decide, with their wetsuits hanging out to dry and their mid-afternoon snoozing on deckchairs and their sunset cocktail parties. Next year I’m going to be one of them.

We kicked off our morning with the aptly named Terror Tightrope, a high wire strung up above the sea between the cliffs. You can also abseil down the cliffs but to my mind the sheer heart-pumping fear of inching your way across a tightrope while 100 feet below waves lash against the rocks is what the most committed adrenaline junkie will want. 

In the afternoon the children learned to surf, a two hour lesson and all three  (even our wave-phobic middle child) were standing up on their boards confidently cruising into shore. Result.

There was a convenient window here for the mothers to investigate the restaurant, a laid back New England vibe with a woodburner for cold evenings. We sat outside with a crab salad, that very pale rosé and a perfect view of those first-time surfers.  Lusty Glaze, I think you just became our new favourite place.

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