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Lucinda Storm: Inhabiting the Moment

Pictured: Blackmore Vale

To me Lucinda Storm’s evocative oils are like dreamscapes, a remembered moment of fleeting beauty which yet hold the essence of the Wiltshire/Dorset countryside she paints.

In every work you see her fascination with the interplay of colour and light and a vivid recall of the almost absurdly picturesque West Country landscape.

Pictured above: The Deverills

Lucinda, a former model who lives in East Knoyle, compares her search for true representation to mindfuless, the art of inhabiting the moment.

"My experience is that there are so many different changes in the sky, often within a 10 minute period and I am always trying to capture the immediacy of that. There is a signature to a lot of landscapes around here and that's what I am obsessed with.'

Looking for beauty in the every day often transforms the daily grind of the school run "into something quite magical.'

She says: "We live in an extraordinarily beautiful place and trying to capture this sense of mindfulness allows me to appreciate what is around me all the time. I feel lucky because I have some kind of interior world and finding a way to express these moments is very sustaining and nourishing.'

It was years ago while working as a model, tramping the streets of countless cities, that she began noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary: "you see so much more when you are walking,'" she says.

The same is true of her paintings which seem to evolve the longer you look at them, as her feeling for colour and form emerges. These are abstract works often underpinned by a linear pattern, the slow drift of clouds, the calculated stippling of trees.

I love the surprising blue of a December evening in Rushmore (pictured below).

"I get completely overexcited mixing up colours,' she says.


Clouds over Hatch, November morning

More than anything these mesmerising landscapes serve as a reminder of the breathtaking countryside here in the South West, a gentle call to stand still, once in a while, and take notice.

Lucinda Storm's paintings are on show along with other well known local artists including Peter Ursem, Chloe Cardozo, Luke Piper, Jane Brayne and Angie Brooke as part of an exhibition organised by Moorwood Art at The Green Restaurant in Sherborne.





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