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Lucinda Storm: A Painting A Day

Storm Over Daymer by Lucinda Storm Lucinda Storm's evocative image of Daymer Bay in North Cornwall has been selected to show at the Mall Galleries for next month's New English Art Club Annual Exhibition (28 Nov to Dec 7) picked out from more than a thousand entries.

The artist known for her mesmerising West Country landscapes has recently begun a programme of completing a painting each day which she then releases through social media. In part she says she was inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt's quote "do something each day which scares you". She says: "It does scare me but it also makes me feel alive. I love the ritual of daily painting, there is a wonderful discipline to it. And I love the meditative quality that the practice holds for me. All becomes still and it is in that stillness that the mysteries of the thing I am trying to capture may, if I am lucky, reveal themselves to me." She was drawn to the work of Abbey Ryan, an American artist known for her modern approach to classical painting, and how the computer age has helped her to achieve it. Lucinda also discovered the work of Lisa Daria, a young cancer survivor who felt that doing a daily painting was a good way of marking each day she was alive. Lucinda says: "This preoccupation resonates as I feel acutely that I do not want to waste a moment of the life I am very fortunate to have." lucindastormbeach To me Lucinda's paintings always evoke the essence of the West Country, skilfully capturing a fleeting moment in time, a brewing storm on the North Cornish coast, the brilliant blue of a morning at the beach. In each image you see her fascination with the interplay of colour and light, a deftness in conveying the beauty in the every day. She says: "The  daily painting has enhanced the mindful approach of capturing the ever changing atmosphere of the beautiful surroundings of the West Country. It is an endless source of inspiration which I feel is vital to record." lucindastormroad Lucinda Storm shows at the New English Art Club Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in Trafalgar Square 28 November and 7 December 2014. Lucinda Storm at Moorwood Art Bruton, Somerset 7 November, then open house 8-14 November contact Camilla Drinkall here for more information lucindastormclouds    



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