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International Exchanges: Modern Art and St Ives (1915-1965)

International Exchanges: Modern Art and St Ives (1915-1965)

Tate St Ives hosts the Modern Art and St Ives exhibition (17th May until 28th September) a celebration of the international influences on the modernist movement in St Ives. Modern Art and St Ives forms part of a larger series of exhibitions associated with the International Exchanges project in the run up to the opening of the new display galleries in 2016 and explores the histories and legacies of this influential artistic community. 

The exhibition contextualises St Ives within larger critical perspectives than the more familiar ideas of landscape and place which have traditionally shaped our view of this unique artistic colony and the works it has produced. Focussing on both pre and post-war works, Modern Art and St Ives will show how the movement drew upon two disparate trajectories; the constructivist ideals of Moscow, Berlin and Paris between the two wars and the traditions of the handmade, arts and crafts movement - illuminating many parallels between the carvings of Brancusi and the ceramics of Bernard Leach amongst many others. At Home and Across the World Including a number of significant pieces on loan from both private and public collections based around the world, the exhibition will feature major works from Peter Lanyon and the Leeds born Patrick Heron, bringing together a number of British artists alongside their contemporaries in Europe, North America and Japan. Rather than disregard common notions of the importance of location and the artistic network of St Ives, the exhibition will situate artists within the aesthetic concerns of a wider, global movement with the aim of creating a greater understanding for the works. The International Exchanges project is led by the Curator of Modern British Art at Tate Britain, Chris Stephens, and curated by Sarah Matson who is Curator at Tate St Ives. Accompanied by a number of other events, including an exclusive curatorial tour for Tate members, Modern Art and St Ives gives new collectors the chance to delve into the sometimes confusing world of modern art. Sadly, none of these prized works are available for sale; however, many artistic prints, including contemporary examples, are available from this site. Modern Art and St Ives will provide visitors with a unique perspective on the artistic oeuvre of this small community; a departure from the traditional critical perspective usually associated with this area of the UK and an excellent chance to re-examine some of the UK's finest modernist works. An illustrated catalogue and a series of Tate Papers published by Tate St Ives will also help shed light on this influential movement, the artists who created it and the art that they produced. Tickets for the exhibition cost £7.70 with concessions at £4.95. Members and the under 18s benefit from free entry to the exhibition throughout the summer.  

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