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If We MUst (Get a Dog)

If We MUst (Get a Dog)

So as we know, responsible adults out there, dogs aren’t just for Christmas. But it is all my son wants. And has wanted for the last 3 (he says 12) years. I have distracted him with Lego sets, games, books and last year I even resorted to a phone. It hasn’t worked. He hasn’t grown out of his desire. This year we are really in trouble because this year I am seriously considering it.

I have started looking at dogs like I used to look at babies. And talking to their owners like I used to hijack new mothers. Now I avoid toddler scenarios at any cost and voice much relief at being the mother of older children. But am regularly joining friends on their dog walks, being the only one without a dog. Pals are trying to put me off with poo picking up etiquette and fearsome rogue dog attacks. I don’t fall for it. I barely stumble at the ‘you can’t just take off for the weekend’ conversation. I smile like an expansive aunt at dogs. I mentally log snippets on breeds and their failings - too energetic, too lazy, sheds fur, attacks alpacas. I am also stalking my vet friend and trying out a new breed on him each week. His facial expression reacting instantly as I say spaniel – ‘too bouncy’, dalmation – ‘too mad’, labrador – ‘too greedy’.

I just want a scraggy little mongrel pup in need of a good home who will make a teenage boy cry at first sight. 

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