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If We Must (Bunk off School)....

If We Must (Bunk off School)....

As the school year ends my thoughts turn to September and starting all over again. I know it’s not fashionable to say this but I have never been a fan of home education. I have not just been indifferent. I have been properly horrified by the thought. My children can barely get through homework without one of us chucking pencil cases around and storming out. By us I generally mean me. I scraped through school, spending the 6th form in the art room drinking black coffee and trying to get off with any one of five boys called Scott. I am in no position to take the helm of my children’s education.

However in the last couple of years I have seen more parents opt out of the state system with successful results. Happier children, more engaged parents and innovative learning environments. This, coupled with a catalogue of hiccups at our school and a national outcry around Sats and Academies has made me feel a bit differently. Not about shouldering full educational responsibility, before you think about contacting the authorities. Just about bucking the system every now and then. Using that new term, flexi-learning. Instead of the old term, bunking off.

We tried it out recently. Took a train to London, saw an exhibition, ate Mexican food, talked a lot, walked everywhere, got tired, argued (about doing spellings on the journey home), came home late. As hooky experiments go it was an interesting test so buoyed up by this brave new world I asked them what their best bit of the day was. Turns out the snack trolley on the train was a highlight. Schools out next week and school is most definitely back in September.

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