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House and Home Products to brighten your January

House and Home Products to brighten your January

Once the final pine needles have been hoovered away and the last leftovers from Christmas lunch has been sneakily gobbled up, the bleak winter winds of January will seemingly begin to blow that much harder. ‘January Blues’ may be overstated, but one cannot deny that everyone feels a little gloomier that side of the turn of the year. Everyone has eaten a fistful too many Celebrations and the to-do list hanging over since before Christmas is only growing.

With outside activities limited due to the aforementioned winds, we have put together a small handful of house and home gems that can brighten the beginning of 2016 and see you through to spring. 

Kitchen Gadgets
Let’s start in the kitchen. It is likely that you have had enough of cooking after the festive feuds regarding how long to roast the turkey for and whose idea it was to add sprouts to the chestnut cream sauce. Nonetheless, you will have to return to the hot plate and hobs sooner or later, so why not make it a more pleasurable experience? 

Creative minds with little else to do are constantly coming up with fun (and surprisingly practical) designs for standard kitchen utensils. This list has some of the best we’ve seen in a long time. ‘Sharky Tea Infuser’ anyone? ‘Spartan Knife Holder?’ We admit that the selection is a little hit-and-miss…quite why anyone would want a ‘Blood Splash’ cutting board or a ‘Panda Toast Stamp’ is beyond us - however, items such as the ‘Nessie Soup Ladle’ will always provoke a little giggle, no matter what you are cooking.


After a good set of novelty kitchenware, the most important thing in any self-respecting home is good mattress. Well, how about the best mattress of all? The founders behind Eve claim that they have created the world’s most comfy mattress. Check Eve Mattress and see for yourself. Eve claims to be able to alleviate pressure points, support natural body alignment, and utilise advanced open cell technology to wick heat and moisture away from the body while sleeping. As if this wasn’t enough, the increased airflow due to the holes in the core structure inhibits damp. Sweeter dreams for all! 

Animal Beings Prints

When there is nothing but clouds and rain drops to see outside the window, the best thing to brighten your rooms is some lively wall art. Recently, we posted about the quirky photographs of Bella West. The series Animal Beings features people sporting the felt masks created by the artist Gladys Paulus. Reminiscent of the Tales of Beatrix Potter film, these photos are not only amusing, but will give you an ambience of the best of the British fauna and flora when the weather outside is too miserable to encourage outdoor exploration. 

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