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Hiking in the South West

Hiking in the South West

While the recent flooding to Bosnia and Herzegovina may have been far more aggressive in their nature, in some respects they reminded British citizens of the adverse weather that affected them at the beginning of 2014. The south coast of England was devastated by these floods, which left numerous coastal resorts and attractions uninhabitable for a short period of time. These freak acts of nature should not detract from the longstanding appeals of this regions, however, as it remains a wonderful location for anyone with a love of the great outdoors. 3 of the Best Hiking Trails in South West England The south west of England is particularly popular among hikers, as there are a huge number of trails dotted along the scenic coastline. Here are three of the most popular: - 

  • South West Coast Path

The south west coastal path is number one in our list, primarily because of its sheer length and the breadth of terrain that it takes in. It is a spectacular 630 miles in length, as it trails around the south-western tip of England and offers hikers access to some of the most picturesque sites in the whole of southern England. It essentially runs along the coastline between Devon in Cornwall and Poole in Dorset, and is ideal for experienced hikers who enjoy nothing more than stretching their limbs against the backdrop of rolling hills and soaring peaks.

  • Cotswold Way

For those with less experience of hiking, the Cotswold Way trail runs along the western edge of the Cotswold Hills and traverses the distance between Chipping Campden and heritage-rich Bath. The distance is between is extremely picturesque, and meanders along the contours of the England’s western rim.

  The terrain here experiences significant peaks and troughs, while it also enables hikers to take in a host of spectacular views of woodland and mill-stream banks. This is a must-see stretch of land, although you may need to invest in an E-Outdoor tilley hat if you are to keep out the cold!

  • South Downs Way

Arguably one of the most historic hiking trails in south west England, the South Downs Way traverses the length of Hampshire and Sussex. It begins in the quaint and historically relevant city of Winchester, and ends at the dazzling heights and chalk white cliffs of Beachy Head. Although this is something of a challenging hike, it is perfect for young couples or romantics who feel a close connection to the natural world. This also interjects into the beautiful river valleys of the Downs, while the surrounding villages offer ideal locations for picnics.       

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