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Highlights of a Cornish Peninsula Road Trip

Highlights of a Cornish Peninsula Road Trip

Any kind of travelling is rewarding. Whether you get to your destination by plane, train, or even ferry, the transport can often be the boring part and is simply a tiresome journey you undertake in order to get to somewhere exciting. But road trips offer a completely different kind of travel, in which you’re not bound to any schedule or route – wherever the road takes you in fact. 

The Cornish peninsula is an area packed with gorgeous seaside towns, some of the lushest and greenest countryside you’re likely to see, as well as ancient Celtic structures and mightily impressive cliffs. In short, this is a region that if you’re going to see, you’ll want to see on your own time. As long as you’ve got a great sat-nav, a solid mixtape, and haven’t forgotten to make sure your car is roadworthy, so it won’t leave you stranded. That last aspect can be easily resolved with browsing car parts like this online and fitting them yourself (provided you’re a self-maintenance type of person). 

There’s so much to see while you’re on a Cornish peninsula road trip, but here are a few of our favourites. 

St Michael's Mount

Situated on a small tidal island in Mount’s Bay, St Michael's Mount is a stunning 12th century castle and chapel. Tourists can simply walk to the island from the mainland across a stone causeway (at low tide), or it can be reached via ferry at high tide. The view from afar is unrivalled, yet the castle’s mighty walls, splendid rooms, and enchanting garden are more than enough reasons to see St Michael's Mount up close. 


 Cadgwith is a small fishing village in Cornwall and is the type of place to forget the bustling and noisy city life. Replace drunken tourists with native fishermen singing old sea shanties, switch traffic noise and sirens for the calm lapping sound of the ocean, and swap Netflix and takeaway food for delicious local cuisine and memorable walks along the stunning cliffs. </p>

Land’s End

A simple enough name, Land’s End is a town that is the most south-westerly point of the United Kingdom. More than the novelty of being at the very edge of the UK, the town’s unrivalled coastal views and 200-foot high granite cliffs are worth the effort of visiting Land’s End. The town is also the starting point for a traditional (and far more epic) road trip that ends in the UK’s most north-easterly point, John O’Groats in Scotland. 

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