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George Young at the Art Stable

Racer by George Young We'll be sure to catch George Young who opens at the Art Stable in Child Okeford this week (4 July).

The artist is known for his hazy, fragmented images which are starkly reminiscent of a bygone era. His paintings, like the writers Richard Yates and John Cheever before him, evoke images of the failing idealism of mid 20th century America. cocktail45x35.jpg mapcoloured60x50 Left Cocktail He paints with turpentine saturated oil which gives each image a dream-like, hazy effect. His poster-like works are often unfinished with key parts of the painting left blank or awkwardly cropped, which adds to the feeling of detachment. Young  sources his material from old photograph albums, archive photo libraries and out of date magazines and this latest show features a new fascination with geographical maps. George Young opening 4&5 July at the Art Stable.   Below Fur (Black) fur(black)65x45cm.jpg

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