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Duncliffe Wood - Near Shaftesbury, Dorset

Georgina Robson of Dorset based online landscape garden company Extravert takes us on a walk round Duncliffe Wood in Dorset.

I am lucky enough to live only a mile from Duncliffe Wood, an ancient woodland five miles west of Shaftesbury. It may stretch a point to compare the hill on which it sits to Mount Fuji but there is a resemblance in the shape of the hill and its prominence in the pasture around it.


There are 216 acres of woodland to perambulate but it is a proper, breath demanding walk to the top, to views that stretch across the Blackmoor Vale to Bulbarrow and then back to the towers of Shaftesbury. A makeshift swing at the top gives a motivating focus to reluctant children and you will always see something unusual – an orchid or rare butterfly.


bluebell dorsetThe time to be there though is April when the wood morphs into a swathe of violet-blue as the bluebells take hold. White wood anemones and acid-yellow aconites punctuate the scene and you could almost believe in fairy folk and sylvan satyrs. But at any time of year Duncliffe wood makes a fantastic destination for dog walkers, photographers or those seeking respite from 21st Century life – and what is more it is always open and always free.

Find out more about Georgina's business Extravert here: http://www.extravert.com/


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