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5 Ways to Style Your Book Shelf

5 Ways to Style Your Book Shelf

Book shelves are the window to your soul. Whether yours are filled with lots of well thumbed classics or big beautiful coffee table books, or simply just ornaments, a book shelf should be full of your favourite things. Take a look at our ideas for styling your book shelf.

  1. By Colour

Ordering your book shelf in order of hue might border on obsessive, but it does have a beautiful effect, especially if said colours complement your décor, and your book shelf is white. Ignore any judgement on the matter – so what if you bought new ornaments specifically to match with your new book shelf?

  1. Highlight Art

If you want to make the most of a piece of art, but you don’t want to hang it on the wall, then consider hanging it on the front of the book shelf. It might look slightly odd and you might anticipate awkwardness in getting your books off the shelf from behind it, but once you get used to the concept, it’s very relaxed and very chic.

  1. Showcase Your Collectables

Use one shelf to showcase your collection of whatever it might be whether it’s stamps, milk bottles or Barbie dolls. The less you want people to touch and mess about with them, the further up the bookcase it should be.

  1. Vertical Stacking

Create a bit of movement and interest to your book shelf by stacking some of your books vertically. While this might make it a bit difficult if you’re forever getting the bottom book out, add an ornament on top of the pile and you have a great way to showcase your favourite knick knacks.

  1. High End Colour

If like most of us, you didn’t buy a book because of the colour of the cover, then ordering your book shelf according to colour might not work out as well as it does on Pinterest. Instead, unify your book shelf by combing books and ornaments, and paint all of your ornaments one or two colours. Random ornaments in different colours might be messy, but make them all white and gold, and suddenly they’re chic and designer (without the price tag!). What about the Bookcase Itself? Bookcases can come in all sorts of forms, from wall mounted shelves to standalone units, so sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. While shelves on the wall are a great way to save space, it’s not always practical, especially if you live in a rental and aren’t allowed to drill in to the wall. In this situation, a bookcase is a much better idea, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any room. From solid oak, like these ones at Furniture Plus Online, to cheap wire frames, choose a book case that will complement your décor and showcase your books.

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