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 Spring into Springtime: Outdoor Ideas

Spring into Springtime: Outdoor Ideas

Spring is just around the corner, and the drowsy sun has already begun poking his head through the clouds.  Do you know what that means?  Yes!  Spring cleaning!  But before diving into the dusty corners and dirty sheets left behind by a lazy winter, why not get out of the house and find something productive and fun to do?  Nothing is more energising than getting those stiff bones moving again after a long winter, and you’ll find that everything gets a little easier and a little more pleasant when you do.  

Here are some great ideas to help get your engine started in the early spring so you’re ready to take on the world once the summer sun arrives.  

•Have a BBQ     This is one of the easiest ways to get your family and friends out of their wintertime rut and into the swing of spring.  Check the forecast and look for a sunny day (preferably at the weekend).  Head to a local park or your own garden and host a BBQ complete with burgers, sausages, and fresh grilled veggies.  Not a meat eater? No problem.  BBQ’s can be just as fun with Quorn veggie burgers and other meatless options

*Go Camping Are you a camping enthusiast?  If so, there’s no reason to wait until summer to venture into the wild.  The evenings will be cooler, and maybe even cold, but this challenge only makes the adventure more satisfying.  Learn valuable skills by insulating your tent and keeping the fire strong, or just bundle up and bring a little scotch to help you through the night!  •Have a Back

*Have a Back Garden Picnic    If camping isn’t your thing but you still want to spend some quality time outdoors, why not have a picnic at home?  Bring some pillows and blankets outside and order snacks from your favourite delivery or takeaway restaurant.  An impromptu picnic only takes minutes to throw together but creates memories that last a lifetime!  

•Hunt for Mushrooms   A classic British romp through the woods does the body good, and adding the element of a hunt can motivate even the most stubborn teenager.  Dewey mornings are revitalising and beautiful; they’re also the best time to head out for a little mushroom hunting! The springtime is one of the best times of year to find some prized mushrooms such as St. George’s Mushroom, and after a morning of hunting, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious meal!

 •Go Horse Riding    If you want to reconnect with nature but don’t feel like expending too much energy, horse riding is a great choice.  These majestic animals are sensitive to humans and will give you an instant jolt of compassion and motivation as well as be your guide through some beautiful countryside.  And the best part?  All you have to do is enjoy the ride!  The early spring is the perfect time to get up and get moving again.  Remember, it’s not the time to go on a 10K hike, but just to get the ball rolling after a sleepy winter.  Do you have any ideas for jump-starting a motivating and active spring?  Let us know below!
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