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10 Reasons Why Having Children Could Improve your Life

10 Reasons Why Having Children Could Improve your Life

Having kids is a life-changing experience. Sadly, not everyone can have children of their own, which is why many families look into adoption California, but irrespective of whether your kids are biologically yours or not, your life will be tracking a different course from the moment they arrive.

1. You have Bragging Rights on Social Media

It’s hard to make yourself be heard on social media, but one way to ensure a constant stream of ‘likes’ is to post photos and videos of your adorable offspring. All parents are proud of their kids, but it’s OK, you now have the right to brag all you like.

2. You’re Never Lonely

We all feel lonely at times, but loneliness is a thing of the past once kids come along. You had better get used to never having a moment to yourself. Even bathroom visits are not sacred when you have small children.

3. You Can Buy Cute Clothes

Do you find yourself staring wistfully at gorgeous baby outfits on Pinterest? Now you have free rein to buy as many cute outfits as you like. What fun!

4. You Have a Legitimate Excuse for Giving up Work

Many mothers have no choice but to go back to work once their baby is a few months old. But, if you would rather be a stay-at-home mum, you have the perfect excuse.

5. Multi-Tasking Becomes Second Nature

Mothers make multi-tasking look like a breeze. Most mothers can prepare a meal, sort out laundry, make a telephone call, and feed the baby at the same time. If you struggle to juggle tasks pre-baby, don’t worry, you will soon be a pro.

6. You Can Park Closer to the Store

Parent and Child car parking spaces are conveniently located just outside the main entrance of most large stores, so you don’t have far to walk with heavy bags.

7. You Can Live Vicariously Through Your Children

Become a Tiger Mom and enjoy watching your amazingly talented kids do all the things you missed out on. Perhaps you never made it as a professional footballer or movie star. Well, with the right coaching, your kids might soon be living the dream.

8. Making Friends is a Breeze When You Have Kids

Making friends can be difficult, but once you have kids, you have something in common with hundreds of other women in your local area. The friends you make in your child’s early years often become lifelong pals.

9. You Get to Play with Cool Toys

Kids have amazing toys and from cool electronic gadgets to games consoles, the world is full of fun toys. With kids in the house, you have a ready-made excuse to sit around with a tub of Lego or snooze on the sofa watching a children’s DVD.

10. You Learn What Unconditional Love Truly Means

Children teach you what it feels like to be loved no matter what you do. If you are feeling down, your child will give you a hug and if you are grumpy, they soon forgive you. Your home will be full of love and laughter once kids come along.

Raising kids is hard work, but there are some huge rewards and most parents wouldn’t change a thing. 

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